[54 sports] strive for 54 smart young get new achievements

busy spring festival,
sweet Valentine's day,
finally ushered in the broad masses of young people's festival,
54 youth day.
As long as you cool enough,
the tide is the most beautiful to wear dress up,
ready to hi! For good to wide young teenagers to celebrate the festival,
prepare a funny H5 game,
but also for the hidden truths about who is the most astute youth,
do not come to play! Remember to share with other good young people around you! Wish you a happy holiday and happy every day! On the road of smart shopping is getting enough! A game analysis: the first step - remember these words,
use magic power,
use your brain power,
remember it anyway! The second step - pick out the words you just remembered in the pictures below.
What? Forget about it? Quick brain! The third step -- wait a minu

29 years old, into CCTV for 12 consecutive years presided over the Spring Festival Gala, now 43 years old, even if she has children, there is a family, should not bless?

someone has exposed a group of pictures like this.
the picture is Qing Dong,
a woman who appeared almost from our childhood and appeared in the Spring Festival gala! In the silhouette of the lights,
she is she,
who can not replace the small Qing Dong,
very fond of singing and dancing,
her dream is to be an actor.
But later,
she discovered slowly that she might not be a good fit for the industry! At the age of 21,
she began her career as an administrator! At that time,
she seemed to find their own value,
work like a duck in water! At the age of 27,
she went to Shanghai TV to host the show.
At the age of 29,
she entered cctv.
As a moderator,
it is not as simple as we imagined! In 2004,
Qing Dong hosted the eleventh youth song competition,
which was broadcast live for 20 consecutive days

The trilogy is dead. Is this a new trend in Hollywood?

begins with the iris public number (IrisMagazine).
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The author | Kyle Buchanan translation | Tony | proofreading float you remember trilogy? The most successful over the past few decades most of IP was made into a movie trilogy,
and eventually lead to death for the win,
the villain adventure story ending.
Hollywood has been favored by the three principle: for example,
screenwriter respected school Syd field three act structure,
and trilogy concept can let the story of the film contains a complete elaboration,
conflict and outcome.
the trilogy of closed endings seems to be gone.
The film industry amidst the winds of change big coffee line no longer taboo,

Dressed to go for a picnic and Bimei nature scenery

is season is not only suitable for the picnic to talk wild more important of course is how to put the picnic thought you think we just chat with you for a picnic? We can not only talk about two or three things today to talk about the picnic,
picnic leads to the rustic,
eat a Steamed Buns drink wine,
don't let the light touch the skin,
enjoy the fun,
don't miss this good season.
Photograph: Giampaolo Sgura image: Grant Pearce history of the most popular picnic period is the prosperous period of Impressionism,
1863 Manet's work luncheon on the grass will picnic down on this painting appeared in the literature in the teeth of the storm,
the Salon Exhibition,
with many academic discussions,
think this picture is an expression of moral confusion,
and not in the presence of the ele

Pearl River Metro best to eat 12 stores, almost all of the dishes included

any small partners going out on May Day? Little in went out to play,
and then regretted it.
There were people everywhere.
It was crowded everywhere.
All the restaurants were lined up.
It was really hard to come back to work alive! In order to comfort yourself,
after work or go to eat a good bar! This restaurant address: Tianhe District Huacheng Avenue No.
84 and 5 floor topon shop 506,
per capita: a Japanese Restaurant 140 yuan high price,
strong push here can fight on their own,
sashimi assorted cold dishes,
but also a lot of choice,
in is still the most love salmon,
Arctic Bay,
very fresh! Sushi inside strong push foie gras sushi,
the entrance is instant,
foie gras super block,
full of material! If you are afraid of too high cholesterol beauty,
they can choose Mini foie gras sushi,

Alas, Shanghai, Disney has not officially opened, has been engraved on this tour

he Shanghai Disney park until next month before the official opening,
but during the May Day holiday has many people to go to the Shanghai international tourism resort in the town of Disney and the Star Park ahead of early adopters,
Disney feel the atmosphere in advance.
Please stamp here: [a bit like a refund.
] Shanghai Disney town was tumbled yesterday,
15 yuan a bottle of cola! Do you dare to go? But on the three day of the small holiday,
the uncivilized behavior of some tourists made the Disney Town,
which had just tried operation for less than a week,
was injured.
During the May Day holiday is bursting with popularity quality,
many parents take their children to the Shanghai Disney resort is located in Pudong.
The popularity of bursting at the same time,
some of the less har

The morning of two men and two women sitting on a female passenger carpool male passenger suddenly said that I love you still got the girl's hair slapped from mobile phone

e morning of April 29th this year,
Hangzhou Xixi police station received excellent step,
the driver master Wang alarm,
said he had a passenger on the car fighting,
and for safety reasons,
he has pulled over,
please police rushed past disposal.
The site of the incident in all the way and staff Road intersection,
police rushed to the scene,
but only one driver wang.
According to master Wang said,
when he had two car drivers carpool,
2 men and 2 women,
are from the dawn of the road bar bar at the entrance of the car.
On the bus,
two girls and a boy in the back of the start wrong,
Master Wang ear scraped to a man,
saying I love you and so on,
all have the meaning of the girl and others,
the woman ignored him.
After a while,
the two girls played with the man in his seat,
pulling his hair and